Lucrezio de Seta Trio

Headache Production

Lucrezio de Seta - Drums Setup 2012
1. 18x14 BD (w/Solid Resonant Head)
2. 14x4 or 14x5 wooden Snare Drum
3. 10x8 Rack Tom
4. 12x8 or 12x10 Rack Tom
5. 14x14 Floor Tom
6. Optional 16x16 add on Floor Tom

a. 14 UFIP Light HH
b. 21 UFIP Light Ride
c. 22 or 24 UFIP Light Ride
d. 20 UFIP Crash Ride
e. 20 UFIP Blast Crash

A. 12 Tambourine (mounted on snare gasket fixed to the Dharbuka Stand)
B. 10 Dharbuka
C. Electronic Percussion
D. Cowbell
E. Signal Processors and Loop Machine (pedals)