Lucrezio de Seta Trio

Headache Production

Hello everybody!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to my personal website. Here you will find information on my past, present & future activities.
It is important for me to stress the fact that all material is presented herein for purely informational and/or educational purposes.

I will also be pleased to communicate with anyone who might be interested in sharing his/her views on music or Art in general. As this site is visited more and more I will try to publish as many of your comments as possible on a small discussion forum, which in my opinion is one of the best and most interesting ways to share information and ideas.

I would like to thank all artists with whom I have worked and continue to work, every people and institutions that have believed in me and supported me since the very beginning, in particular: Luigi Tronci, Alberto Biasei, Damiano Tronci (UFIP), Giancarlo Succi and Andy Schlosser, Marco Soccoli, Joe Testa, Ben Davies and all of the FIRTH family, Gianluca Aramini, Peter Erskine, Carlo Scaramastra, Franco Bandiera, Alessandro Scala, Augusto Cherubini, Rita Panvini, Douglas Cole, Fernanda Altavilla, David Garibaldi, Roberto Baruffaldi, Marco Scoots, Francesco Fareri, all of the staff at the Drummers Collective NY, Fabio Lorenzi & Paolo Fontana (ecovanavoce), Cinzia Maccagnano, (Bottega del Pane), Riccardo Romagnoli, Alessandro Bagagli, my incredibly talented students & my beautiful family.

Happy surfing!